2024-02-20 16:25:05

Dear Duelists:

The new Three Kingdoms casual card placement mobile game "PoP Warrior" is officially launched on 2/27! Casual placement, idle combat, easy and simple gameplay, just lie down and win without relying on operations! Come and become a duelist of the Three Kingdoms, open up unknown maps, explore magical underground ruins, fight bravely in the world of the Three Kingdoms with the hero figures, and start a wonderful adventure!


Participate in the game launch event and get lots of surprises and gifts! You can receive official gifts when you go online:

Gift code: VIP8888

How to get it:

1. Click the avatar in the upper left corner of the main interface

2. Click Settings

3. Click to redeem the gift code

4. Enter the redemption code and click redeem

[Eight super welfare activities/big gifts for opening the server]

Activity 1: Sign in every day and get free gifts

Content: During the event, sign in every day to receive a large number of benefits. If you participate, you will receive diamonds, refined iron and many other welfare props. Log in on the 5th day to receive free universal mythical parts!

Activity 2: Thousand Draw Carnival, get 2024 draws for free

Content: During the event, the celebration carnival will give out good gifts. You can get 10 carnival coupons for free every day when you go online. There are many luxury benefits! The 2024 figure lottery will be given away for free, and there will be a complete mythical figure in 10 draws!

Activity 3: Unlimited loots, get them for free

Content: During the event, log in to the game to receive free myths, epics and other precious loot, and easily obtain a large number of rich resources such as collectible figure parts and iron!

Activity 4:Auto-play King, and the benefits are endless

Content: During the event, you can automatically hang up and enjoy many surprise benefits such as gold coins, random epic parts, advancement stones, etc.! The higher the level you pass, the richer and rarer the rewards will be~

Activity 5: Figure drawing,surprise giveaway

Content: During the event, if you draw the figures a specified number of times, you can receive ultra-luxury rare resource props such as figure raffle tickets, random mythical parts, mythical loot, etc.!

Activity 6: Treasure lottery, great value benefits coming

Content: During the event, if you draw treasures for a specified number of times, you can win special event gift packs such as diamonds, iron, and gems!

Activity 7: Compete in the Masters and receive gifts

Content: During the event, participate in the competition to win competitive points and enjoy many welfare props such as figure raffle tickets, advancement stones, and many rare resources waiting for you!

Activity 8: Promotional redemption and good gifts

Content: During the event, promotional points can be used to exchange for random mythical parts, figure raffle tickets and other welfare props. There are also rare resources such as universal mythical parts, advancement stones, etc. waiting for you to collect!

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