2023-12-22 15:59:20

Dear kings:

In order to optimize the game environment and provide users with a better gaming experience. "Reverse Master" will be shut down for maintenance at 09:00 on 2023/12/16, and the estimated operation time is 1 hour.

Maintenance time: 2023/12/16 09:00-10:00 (UTC+8)

Maintenance reward: Diamond*300

【Main interface】

◆Newly added [Backpack] system, click "Settings" in the upper right corner to view the backpack, and the number of existing items in the backpack can be viewed.

◆The monthly card and privilege card interfaces add the validity time display before purchase.

◆Optimize the growth fund interface reward display.

◆Optimize the free treasure hunting function in the treasure hunting interface.


◆Adventure mode has added [Energy Burst], which can accumulate energy through waves. After using the energy burst, the blocks will be placed automatically and quickly.

◆Optimize the display message of the three-choice interface of adventure and cooperative combat blessing.

◆The end time for choosing one of three adventure blessings is extended to 3 minutes.

◆Adjustment to the stamina consumption rules of Hero Trial: 10 points of stamina will be deducted for the first time every day. Repeated challenges within the same day will no longer deduct stamina.

◆The difficulty of the Hero Trial rewards for reaching the standard has been adjusted, and the damage for reaching the standard has been reduced.

◆The damage required for the Hero Trial mission in Chapter 6 of the Departure has been reduced simultaneously.


The above is updated on 2023/12/16, please understand

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