2023-08-06 20:49:12

Dear kings:

The new casual elimination game 《Reverse Master》 will be officially launched at 9:00 on December 14th (UTC+8)! Combining classic elimination gameplay with tower defense confrontation, strategic combat, human sea tactics attack, many heroes can be freely deployed, and a refreshing critical attack! Come and challenge to become the strongest king, cultivate a lot of card heroes, ascend to the throne of victory, and experience the fun of eliminating world competitive adventures!

Participate in the game launch event and get lots of surprises and gifts! You can receive official gifts when you go online:

Gift code: WELCOME8888

How to get it:

1. Click Settings in the upper right corner of the main interface

2. Click to redeem the gift code

3. Enter the redemption code and click Redeem

[Seven Super Welfare Activities/Gifts at Server Opening]

Activity 1: Sign in every day and get free gifts

Content: During the event, sign in every day to receive massive benefits. If you participate, you will receive many welfare props such as Soul Summoning Crystals and Breakthrough Stones. Log in on the 2nd day to receive the epic card of your choice, and on the 7th day, you will receive a random legendary card for free!

Activity 2: Sign in for a limited time and receive free gifts

Content: During the event, sign in for a limited time to receive gifts, and log in every day to receive free crystals to exchange for game gifts! You can also get 3 times more crystals by watching ads, and there are so many welfare resources waiting for you!

Activity 3: Chapter of departure, non-stop welfare delivery

Content: During the event, complete the corresponding tasks to receive treasure hunt coupons, summoning crystals, soul summoning magic crystals, diamonds and many other surprise benefits!

Activity 4: Summon luxury gifts and give away generous prizes

Content: During the event, if the cumulative summoning of cards reaches the corresponding conditions, you can unlock many rich gifts such as advanced optional legendary cards, breakthrough stones, gold coins, etc.!

Activity 5: Advertising gifts, surprise reward gifts

Content: During the event, watch ads every day to receive free random legendary cards, summoning crystals, collectible star stones and other massive resources!

Activity 6: Newbie gift pack, super value benefits are coming

Content: During the event, unlock the novice gift pack and enjoy legendary cards, mythical heroes, diamonds and other luxury rare resource props!

Activity 7: Hero Summoning, Unlock Rare Heroes

Content: During the event, consume Soul Summoning Crystals to summon heroes to obtain high-level rare resources such as hero fragments and breakthrough stones. The more times you summon, the higher the probability of getting a specific hero!

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